Postgame: WE’RE BACK BABY!

The Leafs that you have known and loved throughout the regular season are back!

Going from terrible, to unlucky, to actually good – the story of the Leafs postseason so far. I am going to have a heart attack before this series is done. They are making me feel my complete range of emotions and I’m scared.

That Corsi

The Leafs clearly succeeded early and kept the shot attempts lead somewhat until the second intermission.

Damn score effects ruining the Leafs Corsi win.

1st Period

Our Leafs started out this game so hot. Doing what we all hoped they would do and not try to match the Bruins in their style, but counter with their own style they have played all season.

Insane pace, racing to both ends of the ice and creating the chances. God, this feels so damn good.

All of it leading to a beautiful high-energy hit from known goon Zach Hyman.

Key scoring chances were mainly going the Leafs way, but nothing was going past Rask quite yet.

Breakaway here, deflection here – our sweet boys are putting so much pressure on the nasty Boston boys. That pressure eventually breaks them after a controversial Delay of Game penalty was called.

Such a JVR goal by JVR. The Leafs’ dominant powerplay was finally able to flex some muscle and put that damn puck behind Rask.

The good guys were in front heading into the second period.

2nd Period

After hearing an old man shriek about goal celebrations, our boys are back out on the ice.

Right off the bat, there was one of the weirdest plays of the season so far.

Dermott knocking over Nash right into Andersen, forcing him to the ground. But that doesn’t matter anyways as Freddie makes a spectacular and extremely lucky goal.

The high from that goal didn’t last long though.

A sneaky goal from the point by garbage boy Adam McQuaid.

But that feeling didn’t last long either as our Dad puts the damn puck in the damn net.

The Hockey Gods are on our side for once! Marleau nailing the puck on the rush to put the Leafs ahead once again.

The competition is still hot between the two teams with a little dirty play once in a while.

It’s not the veterans this time, but the kids fighting with each other. Hyman didn’t deserve that, Charlie.

The lead wouldn’t last long – yet again.

Zdeno Chara scores to tie the game at 2-2. Deserves credit for a great shot, but gotta think that Andersen should have this one, no

The vegan ogre sneaks in a puck from practically behind Andersen on his short side. Two unfortunate goals for the Bruins that were able to just sneak past Freddie – he should have had at least one of those.

You remember those scoring chances from earlier in the game? Yeah, they still wouldn’t go in for Kapanen.

But thank god we have the best player on the planet playing for the team we love.

God that felt so good and so right.

The good guys are on top again heading into the intermission.

3rd Period

The third period continued the trend for the entire game – a fucking heart attack.

Dirty plays, post hitting and utter chaos.

How dare Marchand even think of taking out one of our innocent boys – actually, Marchand would think of that and probably does all the time. Looks like Marchand knew Johnsson was going down and decided to just slide blades-first right into his ankle.

Other than that, it’s nice to see them smile once again.

These two beams of light create so much joy in my life.

You know what else gives me joy? Patrick Marleau scoring two goals!

Rask played that terribly, but who cares, Playoff Dad is here to save the day and we love it. The only bad thing about this goal is he isn’t at 69 playoff goals anymore.

For a cherry on top of this game, Andersen made a highlight reel save. Just to make us forget about the two cheap goals he let in – what a nice guy!

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